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Passion HD – Passionate Alaina Kristar

Hey you! We haven’t seen you around in the last couple of days? Where have you been as we have been waiting for you! Are you ready to have a look at some passion hd scenes? The time has cum that we brought to you this cute brunette babe Alaina and it seems like she was pretty passionate the other day! Are you interested in finding out how did she even got on top of an extra large cock? Let’s hear the whole story together, shall we?

A few days ago, this cutie had the chance to make love with this guy that she met a few months ago and they both got to the conclusion as it was time to have some deep and intense sexual pleasure time! So they both took a day off from work, so that they could enjoy this entire morning! Soon after waking up they were going to start all over again! And this cute lady was pretty determined to get on top and in control of that large tool as she wanted to enjoy every single inch of it that was getting deep inside her! Are you interested in seeing more from where this came from? All you have to do is join us and we are going to show to you some more hot scenes around here! Feel free to have a look around as you might find what you were looking for!

Passion HD Alaina Kristar

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Hot Addison Avery

Another fresh week and time to check out more passion hd goodies this day. To thank you for sticking around for so long, we want to give you a scene with the most incredible babe around here yet. Her name is Addison Avery and as you can clearly see that she’s a luscious blonde that just loves sex as well. Miss Avery looks simply incredible when nude as well and we’re sure that you will fully agree with that statement. Well today you get see her doing what she enjoys the most. Of course we’re talking about her having some sex and anyway, there’s no better place to be at if you want to see hotties like her in action.


Miss Addison starts off her scene, by taking her time to undress first out of her sexy outfit. She puts on quite the sexy strip show for you and you get to see her expose her simply amazing big and natural tits. After she gets all nude, you get to see her and the guy engage in some nice foreplay while they kiss and caress and both of them take their time to please each other orally too. Once that gets done, you can see Addison bend over and taking that rock hard cock in her tight pussy doggie style for the rest of the scene. We hope that you enjoyed it as always. Take your time to check out the previous passion hd scenes as well for more!

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Passion HD – Capri and Dillion

Hey there once more guys and gals. We’re as always back with some more new passion hd scenes for you. As you know, this is truly the best place to visit when you want to see some hot and sexy women getting wild with some hard cock. And since you guys just adore seeing a pair of babes getting all over a dude’s nice and big cock, we bring you the hotties named Capri and Dillion this afternoon to show off some more scenes with a superb FFM threesome as the two take that cock for a ride all afternoon long today. Let’s get to go more in detail as to what happened as we bet that you all are very eager to find out as well!

The two babes that you can see right here made sure to drain the guy of every ounce of jizz that he had and they didn’t stop until that was done either. Both the brunette and the brown head start to undress and work the guy’s cock with their juicy lips. Then Capri takes her turn first getting on top and riding that cock cowgirl style. Dillion follows suite after he blows one load, and she makes him shoot again. Well the duo made him cum a lot more than that today and they didn’t stop until their pussies were full and those cute faces were all covered in sticky jizz. Check them out in this one and do come back next week once again for new updates!


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Chloe Amour and Nickey

It’s that time of the week again and you know what that means, we get to check out another new passion hd update this fine day and it’s quite awesome. We have another pair of cuties that managed to score themselves a nice stud and they fully plan on banging his brains out for this one. The names of these ones are Chloe Amour and Nickey and let’s just say that they have this knack for going out together and picking up studs that they find hot. This one fit their desires and so they went back to their place with him in tow and they were going to make sure that he works their holes all day long in his fresh and hot scene here!


Rest assured that he was more than happy to get down and dirty with the two babes and they make sure that he works hard on their pussies today as well. See them entering the bedroom and right from the start, the two ladies are all over this guy. They get to undress and kiss and caress one another too. Then all the attention goes to his cock as it was getting rock hard and you can see them making sure it’s extra lubed as they do a superb double blow job for him. Then you get to watch the babes lay on top of one another as the guy has free right to alternate between plowing those two wet cunts this afternoon. Have fun with it and see you next week with more!

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Passion HD – Dani Jensen

Welcome back everyone, we have new and hot passion hd scenes to show you. We know how much you love to see superb babes getting really kinky and we have some more of that to see in this simply amazing scene. We bring you the hot and sexy miss Dani Jensen, a ginger haired babe with long flowing hair and a very very sexy body. She has a petite figure that can drive anyone crazy and lucky for you she just adores being naked. Let’s take our time and check her out in some sizzling hot and sexy scenes this afternoon to see this simply gorgeous beauty in action without delay. So let those cameras roll!

The sexy and alluring miss Dani gets to have her fun in the bedroom with this lucky guy and to start off her superb scene, you get to see this adorable babe do some naughty stripping as well. Watch as she presents you with her perky natural tits that are always eager for attention and moving on lower with that thin waste too. After that, naturally, you get to see her wet pink pussy and round ass too. Take your time to see the babe with bright ginger hair as she gets to spread open her legs and see her moaning in pleasure as she gets her tight wet pussy plowed nice and hard this afternoon for the rest of the scene. We’ll be seeing you soon!


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Holly Michaels and Anikka Albrite

This week’s fresh and hot passion hd update features more pairs of babes getting wild and kinky as well. The two hotties here are named Holly Michaels Anikka Allbrite. The sexy Holy was here in the past scene and you got to see her big round tits bounce up and down as she got her turn to ride on a nice and big hard cock. Well today she gets joined by her female buddy Anikka and they also get to play with a lucky dude and his big cock once more. WE get to take the time and see these babe have a superb FFM threesome with him in the middle this day and you just have to see it without delay. So let’s get started already!

As you know, all passion hd scenes have babes that are super sexy and there was no way we were giving up the chance to show off Annika with Holly as well this fine day. Anikka and her bright white hair get to be the center of attention as you can see her getting her ass and pussy pounded hard by the guy and his big dick. Then it was Holly’s turn once more to enjoy herself in the second half of this superb scene and while she also gets her ass fucked balls deep, you get to watch the kinky and horny Anikka playing with the babe’s nice and round ass as well. So have fun with it as always and do check out the past scenes for more great babes!


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Passion HD – Holly and Melody

Another fresh week and time for one more passion hd update to be showed off to you guys. We bring you another pair of hotties that are about to rock your world with their superb scene. They team up to take on this guy’s big and hard cock and you get to see the whole thing as always. The names of these two are Holly, as the sexy and cute redhead and the other one is Melody, a babe with shoulder long brown hair and a big pair of round tits. Today you get to watch them taking turns in riding this guy’s cock and it’s just the perfect treat for a relaxing afternoon. So let’s not delay the action as we bet you are eager to see it as well today!


The cameras start to roll and the two ladies here begin the show by undressing first. They take their time to show off those simply superb nude bodies and perfect womanly curves for you. Check them out playing with each other a bit as well as the stud comes in to join them. Well from all that teasing that these two do, you can bet that he got super hard and ready to fuck them both today. Take your time to see the red head be the first to take that massive cock in her ass and see her loving every second of it. Of course, after that, it was Melody’s turn and she gets her holes thoroughly fucked as well.  Enjoy the scene and see you guys soon!

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Hot Teen Jenna Ross

Today passion hd has another simply delicious treat for you to enjoy. This scene features one petite and very sexy babe with long dark brown hair as she has her very own fuck fest on camera with a lucky stud and you can enjoy her company for the afternoon. Her name is Jenna Ross and she likes to have her pussy pounded hard. Like we said, she’s quite petite in stature and she knows that guys just adore a babe like her. Be sure that she puts that charm to work a lot and she likes to tease guys pretending to be all innocent looking and stuff. That’s until she turns out to be a real sex freak and this scene shows off just that!


Miss Jenna is probably the hottest teen babe that you can find too and even she herself was eager to get to play. As the cameras start, like we said, you get to see her drop the fragile mask and go all out as she makes quick work of her clothes and the dudes’ as well. Then you can see her drop to her knees and watch her closely as she gets to use her juicy lips and expert tongue to treat this guy’s cock nicely as well. As they get in bed, watch her spreading those nice and sexy long legs and see her getting to moan loud in pleasure as she gets to have her sweet wet pussy fucked balls deep by a bid hard cock. Have fun with it guys and gals!

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Passion HD – Kennedy Leigh

Hey there everyone, welcome back to more new and hot passion hd galleries this afternoon. We get to see another beauty showing off her passion for sex this fine afternoon and it’s quite the sight to see. Her name is Kennedy Leigh and of course she is a blonde babe with bright blue eyes that just has a kink for naughty sex as well. Let’s check out this hot blonde in action as you get to see her enjoying a nice and hard afternoon fuck and you just can’t miss her superb scene. So let’s check her our without further due today and see just how great she was in her scene without any sort of delays everyone as we bet you’re curious about her too.

At the start of her super kinky scene, you get to watch the kinky and lovely blonde as she starts to suck and slurp the dude’s cock as she wants to make sure that he’s rock solid for her sweet pussy. And after that you also get to see the cutie letting the guy fondle her superb body as he plays with her big and round tits as well. She even gets some oral pleasing herself and be sure that that only made her even more wet. Well, see her take her spot on top of his cock and watch the beauty getting a thorough pussy pounding this afternoon from that big cock too. We’ll be seeing you next week with another new and hot update. Until then everyone!


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Lily Love and Ella Milano

Hey there guys, we have some more superb passion hd scenes to show off today and just like always they are super impressive too. Mainly because in this one you get to see no less than two absolutely adorable ladies getting wild with one another on camera and they are also joined by a horny stud. The two are Lily Love and Ella Milano and they are very very good friends. With benefits even. But they also like to enjoy having a guy play with them pretty often too because as the saying goes “the more the merrier”. Anyway, let’s take our time to watch these two superbly hot and sexy women as they get to fuck this guy today shall we?


As soon as the scene starts off, you get to see Lily and Ella treating this guy to special treatments as they undress themselves and him as well. You can watch them working their way down and when they reach his cock, they whip it out of his pants and go to work on it with their expert lips straight away. Watch them performing an incredibly sexy double blowjob on him as they get to suck his hard cock at the same time. Then the pair alternates between having those pussies pounded hard style and getting them liked as well as they rotate the roles on top of the stud. Have fun seeing them play together and enjoy the scene! We’ll be seeing you again next time with new content!

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